... to persue your impact resolutions.

January 12 is the day that most people let go of their New Years’ resolutions, we’re here to help so you won’t! As a New Years’ gift, we would like to offer you 30 minutes of free coaching to kickstart your impact resolutions now.
You can choose from all the expertise topics we offer. Anything is possible, whether you want to pursue your B Corp dreams, build an impact strategy or launch an Impact Branding campaign. All our experts are here to help, all you have to do is find your match below. Using the links below, you can schedule a 30 minute appointment.
Impact branding
For example, think of:
  • Greenwashing
  • Your brand as platform for change
  • Human Centered Design (Piet)
B Corp
For example, think of:
  • Impact business models
  • Policies (EPP facility)
  • How to be a benefit corp
Diversity & Inclusion
For example, think of:
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Culture & team
  • Communication
Climate impact & CO2
For example, think of:
  • Climate strategy
  • Energy transition
  • Footprinting
ESG leadership & governance
For example, think of:
  • ESG strategy & structure
  • Organizational change & culture
  • Transparency & reporting
For example, think of:
  • Product life cycle
  • Business models
  • Innovations
Employee engagement & wellbeing
For example, think of:
  • Green employability
  • Learning & development, retention
  • Meaningful work
Sustainable sourcing & supply chain
For example, think of:
  • Social compliance & living wages
  • Materials & certifications
  • Packaging

Need some inspiration?