How to… benefit from B Corp certification?

How to… benefit from B Corp certification?

Last update: June 2021

What is B Corp?

The interest in B CorpTM is taking a flight! The European B Corp movement, officially launched in 2015 with 60 companies, has now grown to 700+ B Corps and is leading the way in Europe. Globally, already 4000+ companies in 77 countries are certified. Well-known B Corps in the Netherlands are Tony Chocolonely, Triodos Bank and Dopper. The assessment that companies complete to become B Corp, consists of 5 pillars: employees, the environment, the community, your customers and your governance.

Why is B Corp different?

First, B Corp is a holistic framework focused on the entire business, operation and supply chain. It’s not limited to a product or a specific part of your supply chain, nor on one theme. It’s looking at how your company spends its money, how relationships with suppliers are, how employees and communities are supported etc. Looking at all the company’s roots in the world.

Second, it’s rewarding companies for the impact actually made, beyond nice-sounding strategies or promises. This is why B Corp is a complete, and also credible system for consumers, employees, partners and the media. With B Corp, you’re showing that making impact is part of your business model. And that you’re looking beyond “CSR”. 

How can you benefit from B Corp?

If you address or solve a societal or environmental issue, than your company and B Corp might be quite a match! But what is the value of being a B Corp? Here are 4 valuable benefits of becoming certified a B Corporation®.

  • The business case: consumers believe in B Corp
  • Attract & engage new talent
  • Learn and grow with the B Corp community
  • Build partnerships with like-minded businesses

“B Corp is more than a certification, it’s a tool and a label for people that want to create an impact, and use (their) business to do so.”

Is your company ready to enjoy the benefits offered? As a B Leader we can help you figure out if and how to become a B Corp yourself! Check out or 5 B Corp services or directly contact us.

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