Ons team van impact- en merkstrategen en -coaches weet alles over duurzaamheid en betekenisvolle merken.

Dieuwertje Damen

Founder & Director (Impact Strategy Expert, B leader)

As co-founder of Rainbow Collection, Dieuwertje coaches and supports ambitious companies to become the future captains of industry. She believes that sustainability is not just about corporate responsibility but a powerful tool for business innovation towards a new economic model. As a firm believer in system change, her favourite sustainability projects combine practical strategy development and employee engagement and training. The perfect foundation for lasting change.

Piet Berkers

Design & Creative Concepting

Piet is our creative mind. He loves starting with nothing and ending up with a creative idea that boosts sustainability through graphic design, photography or creative workshops. Piet is passionate about human-centred design: a framework that develops solutions by involving the human perspective in the creative process. He believes that everyone can be creative and enjoys unlocking that potential in the people he works with.

Lana Buunk

Impact Strategist

Lana’s drive is to support companies across sectors towards market transformation. As a strategist and coach, she believes all companies can turn their product, supply chain, experience and partnerships into valuable resources for the sake of impact. Showing how they fit the new economy. She aims to build sustainability roadmaps that resonate inside and outside the company: focused on action! On the weekends, she’s (trail) running and afterwards enjoying good food.

Carlien Helmink

Impact Strategist

Carlien is passionate to create positive impact. As a former social entrepreneur, she has the experience to translate sustainability into opportunities for your organisation. She develops impact strategies tailored to your vision and operation, providing practical tools, workshops, and projects for easy implementation in your value chain. It will make your organization ready for years to come as the only future, is a sustainable future.

Rixt Reitsma

Design Lead

Rixt is a design wizard who’s always up for a challenge! She loves creating innovative solutions for challenging projects, with the goal of shaping the future. She loves every aspect of design and possesses a diverse skill set that covers graphic design to interior design, and from product design to sustainable design. With her diverse skill set and boundless creativity, Rixt can tackle any project from every angle, and shape the future one design at a time!

Sophie Heugen

Impact Brand Manager

Sophie has a passion for marketing, positioning and consumers, and she is especially enthusiastic about sustainable decision-making. She loves it when brands take the lead in creating impact, especially when they use their marketing to inspire customers and create impact. On a sunny day off, she loves taking her longboard out, to go for a fun ride!

Koen Krommenhoek

Impact consultant & Business development

Koen is an expert in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, dedicated to improving global health through circular and sustainable practices. He's passionate about combining creativity and innovation to achieve the greatest sustainable impact possible. Koen is available to discuss the benefits of B Corp certification for your business. When not working, you can find him kitesurfing somewhere along the coast.

Marle Engbers

Impact Strategist

Marle is known for her enthusiastic energy and expertise in complex sustainability challenges. Marle uses her experienced lens on organisational culture and behaviour to truly match the sustainability strategy and impact topics with the company's DNA. Experience from listed companies to scale-ups, gave her a keen and broad understanding of challenges and opportunities when it comes to sustainable innovation and change.

Tijmen Klip

Impact Strategist

Tijmen is a connector of perspectives, personalities, and professions. Passionately working for a fair & sustainable world. He uses flair and wit to bring across complex subject matter. Experienced in the start-up, corporate and NGO world - he understands the different ESG needs and drives of organizations. Ahead of the curve, due to his insatiable curiosity and futuristic drive, he identifies what is important for your organization in the years to come.

Margreet van Schaijck

Brand Strategist

Margreet is a Brand Strategist who believes that companies have the power to create positive social and environmental change. She helps businesses develop a clear impact vision and uses her expertise in behavioural change to create campaigns that move people. With her international experience in brand positioning and activism, Margreet can help your brand become a meaningful platform for change, and bend history in the right direction.

Thijs Hoogenstrijd

Impact Strategist

Thijs is passionate about bridging the gap between business and impact. He enjoys tackling complex questions and enjoys involving you in the process. Thijs is eager to collaborate with you on implementing green business models or sustainable innovations to help kickstart or boost your impact strategy. Talk to him about impact, and he will talk to you about opportunities. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to talk about anything that excites him.

Juultje de Groot

Impact / B Corp project manager

Juultje is passionate about helping businesses create sustainable and future-proof operations. As a trained Change Agent, she enjoys exploring new opportunities and encouraging companies to make more sustainable choices. She is eager to guide and coach your company through the B Corp certification process while challenging you and your colleagues to increase your impact.

Doora Millenaar

Impact Strategist

Doora has experience in managing and implementing programs and transitions across a broad spectrum of themes. With her expertise and passion for environmental sustainability, she identifies the biggest opportunities for companies and organizations to improve and increase their positive impact. Having had experience in both the start-up world as well as the public sector, she has seen that with a creative and open mindset, any organization can challenge themself to change for the better!

Mandy Fit

Impact Strategist

Mandy Fit, a former journalist turned impact strategist, is on a mission to shake things up and create positive waves of change. Armed with her research skills and storytelling expertise, she's now diving headfirst into developing strategies that'll transform society, the environment, and the economy. Mandy helps identify opportunities for impact and implements effective solutions. Her role involves defining goals, measuring impact, and communicating achievements to stakeholders.

Bram van den Berg

Impact Project Manager

Bram is our Junior Impact Project Manager of the B Corp Team. Aside from ensuring an efficient and organized journey towards the B Corp certification, he likes to explore other opportunities for business to generate impact. He thrives on the energy and enthusiasm that comes from working with passionate people.

Nicole van Brummelen

Copy & Creative Concepting

Nicole loves all things creative, but using her copywriting skills to make a positive impact is definitely on top of her list. When not doing that, you'll find her illustrating seagulls, cooking beetroot risotto for friends, playing cheesy songs on the guitar and eating cinnamon rolls (in no particular order).

Anne Ebbink

Impact Brand Intern

Anne is a master's student in the field of consumer psychology, with a background in neuromarketing. She is working on a behaviour change model that targets both internal processes within a company and customer relations. She is eager to learn more about sustainable business practices and let her creativity flow!
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