We are here to support you from zero to impact

What we do
Impact first
At Rainbow Collection we think impact first. We develop sustainability strategies and grow meaningful brands. We support businesses to use their resources, skills and expertise to address the world’s challenges in a profitable and even fun way. That’s how we invest in the new economy and make impact happen.
Focus is the key to make this happen. It is not (only) about compensating your footprint. It’s about the value you add to the world. We help you identify your impact areas and develop a clear roadmap to achieve your mission and grow into a strong impact brand.
Rainbow journey
Step by step we guide you through all the processes needed to become a true impact business. Translating new ideas to practice with support from inside and outside your organization. We combine effective business advice with sustainability expertise and creativity. With over 10 years of experience we’ll get you started, create focus and grow a successful business.
We are unique in being a one-stop Impact Agency and we are here to support you from zero to impact.

Our history

Rainbow 10 years journey

2010 - World Cup bracelet campaign
125,000+ orange bracelets sold during World Cup to support craftswomen in South Africa: a wake-up call to fair trade.
2011 - Shake the World campaign
250,000+ fair trade bracelets sold in Europe, US and Africa to raise awareness on the Millennium Development Goals.
2012 - Enter: Impact Strategies
From impact campaigns to impact strategy development, with clients as Tele2 and HEMA.
2013 - Football for Water campaign
Engaged 235,000+ kids with safety & hygiene withsports for development projects in Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique.
2014 - 2,500+ employees engaged and trained
A year marked by training employees on what they can do to integrate sustainability in their daily work.
deze niet verwijderen!!!
bracelet to support rural women from Kwazulu Natal
deze niet verwijderen!!!
amongst 100.000 kids in Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique
deze niet verwijderen!!!
changed behaviour 235.000 kids
deze niet verwijderen!!!
2019 was the year that Rainbow
deze niet verwijderen!!!
quickly translate the visions into reality and patent possible approaches.
2015 - 150 cases of business impact realized!
A milestone after 5 years of impact business: 150 cases of business impact.
2016 - Launch Impact Book
Collecting & sharing the stories of meaningful brands with the world.
2017 - Our first year as B Corp
And Rainbow Collection awarded as “Best for the World” in the B Corp community.
2018 - Impact brands in the lead
We handed over the first NRC Live Impact Award to Physee and Sungevity during the Impact Day in Amsterdam.
2019 - Launching Rainbow Studio
Giving an extra layer to impact projects by growing creative expertise.

Rainbow Team

Our team of impact & brand strategists and coaches knows everything about strategic sustainability & meaningful branding.

Meet our team

Dieuwertje Damen

Founder & Director, Impact Strategy Expert
As co-founder of Rainbow Collection, Dieuwertje supports ambitious companies to become the future captains of industry. As impact strategy expert & coach, she believes there’s so much more to sustainability than “corporate responsibility”. It’s a powerful tool for business innovation towards a new economic model. As firm believer in system change, her favorite sustainability projects combine practical strategy development and employee engagement and training. The perfect foundation for long-lasting change.

Carlien Helmink

Sustainability Strategist
Carlien is passionate to create positive impact. As a former social entrepreneur, she has the experience to translate sustainability into opportunities for your organization. With an impact strategy that fits your vision as well as your operation, so it can easily be implemented in your value chain with practical tools, workshops and projects. It will make your organization ready for years to come as the only future, is a sustainable future.

Lana Buunk

Impact Strategy & Research
Lana’s drive is to define where your brand can create the biggest, positive impact. Using its resources, skills and expertise. Underlying a successful impact strategy, are the right tools and insights. A deep-dive into (international) supply chains, or business processes support her to build the right foundation, while coaching businesses in getting started! Any time left? She loves going for a run and overly enjoys good food & cooking.

Piet Berkers

Design & Creative Concepting
Piet is the creative mind of Rainbow Collection. He loves starting with nothing and ending up with a creative idea that boosts sustainability by graphic design, photography or creative workshops. Piet is enthusiastic about human-centered design: a framework that develops solutions by involving the human perspective in all steps of the process. It helps him to unlock the creative potential with the people he works. “Everyone can be creative!”

Jop Blom

Co-founder Jop is our serial social entrepreneur and CSR consultant. He is specialized in employee and stakeholder engagement and in building cutting-edge social partnerships.
Jop is also responsible for the important task of providing us with our daily inspiration of sustainable business concepts.

Rixt Reitsma

Design & brand gatekeeper
Rixt is our meaningful full-spectrum designer. She loves every aspect of design and has a broad expertise, including graphic, interior, product and sustainable design. Her experience enables her to see concepts from different and unique perspectives and it fuels her to boost Rainbow’s impact projects with design. Also, she is the ultimate gatekeeper of our own impact brand.

Sophie Heugen

Impact Brand Manager
Sophie has a passion for marketing, positioning and consumers, and she is especially enthusiastic about sustainable decision making. She loves it when brands take the lead in creating impact, especially when they use their marketing to inspire customers and create impact. When there is a sunny day off, she loves taking her longboard out, to go for a fun ride!

Reinoud Willemsen

Impact Measurement Strategist
Reinoud is the director of our partner organization Behold South Africa and founder of the Social Return on Investment network there. He has a rich experience and is well-known in the South African field of Corporate Social Investment and is specialized in Impact Measurement. Amongst others using the Social Return on Investment Methodology.

Koen Krommenhoek

Impact Intern
As a minor student Sustainable Business Innovation, Koen knows all about sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. His focus is on making the world a healthier place, through innovative, circular and other sustainable opportunities. Koen is excited on letting creativity meet innovation to achieve the biggest possible sustainable impact.
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