Join the B Corp movement

Rainbow Collection is a Certified B Corporation®, a label that we’re proud to wear! And: it’s a label that you can get too!

Besides making profit, B Corps™ work on a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Or, as B Corp says: using business as a force for good™. Certified B Corporations meet the highest verified standards. The B Corp movement is rapidly growing, nowadays, there are almost 4000 B Corps in 74 countries.

Besides being B Corp, we also are a B Leader. And that is great news, because this means that we can help you to become a B Corp too!

Become a B Corp

As a B Leader, we facilitate and support you on your way towards B Corp certification. No matter how long your road is. We can take all necessary steps together with you, or just guide you through the B Impact Assessment. We support you step by step, and we make sure we’ll have fun along the way.
To support you to get certified, we have five services.
Why B Corp
We hear you think: another certification? Why not go for certifications like Fairtrade and FSC? Well, B Corp is a holistic framework focused on the entire business, operation and supply chain. It’s not limited to one product or specific part of your supply chain. Besides that, B Corp is rewarding companies for the impact actually made, beyond nice-sounding strategies or promises. This makes B Corp a complete and credible system for consumers, employees partners and media.

Our B Corp services

Popular Choice
B Scan
Popular Choice
B Coaching
B Intensive
B Template package
B Better
  • What
  • For who
  • Duration
  • Costs
  • know your impact position
  • B Corp orienteers
  • approx. 2H
  • € 1500
  • coaching traject
  • sustainable entrepreneurs
  • minimum of 6 weeks
  • € 3450
  • unlimited support
  • future impact makers
  • minimum of 10 weeks
  • quotation
  • customizable templates
  • independed enterprises
  • download delivery
  • from € 250
  • recertificate programe
  • score improvers
  • minimum of 6 weeks
  • quotation
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    B Corp Quickscan (free)

    Would you like get more insight in your company's current sustainable position before you start the B Corp Impact Assessment? Complete our quick scan! In 10-15 minutes, our B Leader Lana guides you through the 5 themes of the assessment. This will give you an idea of your potential impact score. Within one week, we'll send you a free report detailing the steps you can take to complete your road to B Corp.

    Road to B Corp

    Kick-off the B Corp journey
    You decided to start the B Corp journey, so it’s time for a kick-off! Together with your team, we will dive into the B Impact Assessment and get your impact ambitions clear.
    B Prepared
    Together we will make sure you are well prepared for the assessment, collecting all the information and making the changes that are needed. This is where your companies’ mission and vision will have to meet the high standards of the assessment.
    The B Impact Assessment
    The moment of truth: it’s time to complete the assessment! Of course, we’ll support you. The assessment will give insights in your company’s positive impact on your workers, community, customers and environment. If you pass the minimum score of 80 across all impact areas, you can join the B Corp Movement.
    Get ready for review
    This is the moment you’ve worked for! Your company will be reviewed by an official B Lab® accessor. We will accompany you to use their feedback for improvements.
    Pop the bottle!
    Once you’re certified, it’s time to celebrate and let the world know about this great achievement. Be an ambassador for the B Corp movement!
    Impact thinking creates value for your business and the world around you.

    Ready to become B Corp ?

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