Dille & Kamille – The power of connection

About the project


Dille & Kamille believes in the power of connection and is driven by natural simplicity. They aim to be a “guide”: helping people become more connected with themselves, each other, and nature. They want to take good care of all people and resources that enable them to create nature-inspired products. This required a set of clear principles that guide the company in daily decisions and working towards a company and assortment that exists in harmony with nature: from material inputs to sourcing regions and their own retail stores.


We defined how to live by the promise of harmony, and connected it to concrete goals to move towards a world in harmony step by step. We worked on a sustainable supply chain with the category team by mapping it and performing a risk analysis on human rights, safety, and working environments. Of course, based on this we created an easy-to-understand action plan. We worked on their materials strategy by focusing on more recycled and organic products and trained employees on materials. All D&K’s efforts were awarded with a B corp certification. We coached them throughout this process, and developed new strategies, such as a new governance structure!

Nice to know about D&K is that they are the founder of Green Friday. They were the first Dutch business to close on Black Friday.