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Sustainability Strategy

Impact = Focus. The foundation for impact is a clear vision & strategy. Most businesses are doing a lot already when it comes to sustainability, but why? And what impact does this make? We help you answer the question: where should I focus on to make the biggest impact? And where not? We identify the ingredients for a clear vision and practical and long-term sustainability strategy and translate this to concrete and feasible programs & operations.
Impact scan
Focus groups & surveys
Impact matrix
Impact vision & strategy
Double Materiality Analysis
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Impact Branding

Impact = Action. Every brand has a voice. How can you use your voice to create positive change – both within your company and outside? Impact branding is nothing like traditional branding or marketing. It’s about the magical sweet spot: where your brand’s DNA meets the needs of your audience and intersects with the bigger challenges in the world.
Impact brand scan
Impact brand positioning
Creative concept & roadmap
Impact communication & reporting
Impact brand activation & campaigning
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Impact Coaching

Impact = a Journey. As coaches, we facilitate and support the road towards creating actual impact. Designing your impact strategy and building a strong brand are one thing, implementation that leads to impact is another. We can guide you through the process and take all necessary steps together with you to set-up sustainability projects on your impact topics. As impact coach, we support you, step by step. And we make sure we’ll have fun along the way.
Internal engagement programs
Training & workshops
Sustainability projects on various topics
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Impact Design

Impact = Experience. We create the extra layer that makes your impact (ambition) or sustainability story come to life. Design is the amplifier of a story. It presents your mission to the world in just the right way. Creating the experience that engages your target audiences with the impact that you’re making.
Graphic design
Web design & development
Creative copywriting
Digital marketing
Video & animation production
Social media advertising
Human centered design
Behavioural change
Impact thinking creates value for your business and the world around you.

Ready to create IMPACT ?

Our impact areas

Rainbow Collection is a catalyst for change. We create and accelerate impact, together with our clients. We strategize, coach and brand. That’s how we grow strong and sustainable impact brands that address the world’s challenges from their core business. We guide and support small and big brands from zero to impact.
These are the sustainability areas where we make the biggest impact as an agency:


We understand the complexity of value chains, and specific social or environmental challenges that you might face when working internationally. Understanding your value chain means gaining insight in the entire journey of your product, possible challenges and how to tackle them. We guide with setting up practical compliance strategies, that include (and exceed) human rights. It’s how you will invest in fair & transparent value chains and build better relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders.


We know that a fair price doesn’t necessarily leads to a fair wage. Living wages are a fundamental human right, but the route towards living wages can be complex. There’s a direct link to the way you do business and your purchasing process. We help you conduct supply chain research, wage benchmarks and find the right approach to get started and take meaningful steps towards living wages, no matter your size, leverage or the countries you operate in.


System change is the only way to reverse climate change. It’s about transforming our existing economic & governance model, about innovation and investing in clean energy, zero-carbon alternatives and circular businesses. System change needs people that start working together in new ways, unusual suspects that join forces and explore the endless possibilities right in front of us.


Female empowerment is about creating access to things in life most women were previously denied. Independence, jobs, fair salaries, a voice in private and public life. Female empowerment is essential to realize economic growth, political stability and social transformation. The internet and social media are key instruments in this so-called Fourth Feminist wave, with many more positive resources and methods to tap into.


The new economy is a circular one. It starts with a new mindset and attitude towards resources, as driver of new solutions and business models. We’ve created (human and solid) waste for decades, without thinking of the future. Now, we are forced to rethink how we create it, its potential value and how we dispose it. Related to both resource optimization, as personal hygiene, safe sanitation and business processes.


Digital marketing plays a key role in the success of your business. Whether you’re an established brand with sharpened sustainability focus or a start-up launching a new circular business idea. Digital marketing can make it work. Our creative and digital experts help you define goals, objectives and measure success to increase impact while gaining market share.


Central to a prosperous society are happy & healthy people that are able to run it. We might live in turbulent times, but this one thing is certain. How can we ensure and enable good health & wellbeing in these modern times? We have many means available to invest in people. We should do so in a human-centered and impactful way.


When you have the ambition to create impact, it is of great importance to look at the materials you are using for both your product and your packaging. We can help you to improve your sourcing, set targets and create impact with innovative, sustainable solutions.