B Coaching

In four clear steps we coach you and your business towards B Corp™ certification. The certification process is entirely in your hands, we help you on the way with practical tips, substantive feedback and a lot of experience with the B Corp Business Impact Assessment (BIA).

The 4 steps to B Corp certification:

Kicking off the B Corp Journey
A first scan of the 5 B Corp categories and determination of the team
B Prepared
The phase in which you prepare your company for B Corp certification and complete the questionnaire. We provide input, tips & tricks in 5 sessions.
Handing in the Assessment
A final check on the assessment before submitting it. Are there any quick wins somewhere before you enter the certification process?
Get Ready for Review
Prior to the review call with B Lab, we do an extensive preparation session.
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Sustainability Expert & B Leader
As expert in sustainability and B Leader, Lana’s drive is to coach and facilitate your business towards impact. Lana supports companies with (supply chain) insights, research and strategic yet practical steps towards real impact, with a human and market centered approach.