Bocca – Becomes part of the B Corp community

About the project


Bocca is founded to create a positive impact. Coffee supply chains are complex. As specialty expert, Bocca knows how to stand out. Their mission is not only to serve the best flavours and specialty roasts, but to share the unique sustainability story behind it. That, for Bocca, is inherent to how they do business. But how to reflect – and get acknowledged for – their impact mission?


As the first Dutch coffee roaster that is involved in the entire process of coffee making, making impact is part of Bocca’s identity. Their organic sourcing strategy, fairtrade plus model and local purchasing commitments ensure a positive impact in the coffee supply chain. Bocca is founded to use business as a force for good. We supported and coached them towards B Corp certification.

Creating a stronger coffee supply chain by bringing a stakeholder-centered sustainability strategy to life