B Template package

Our B Corp™ Template package is the best way to start your B Corp journey! Each of our templates provides the starting point of becoming more B Corp in a specific domain - whether this is environmental management, diversity & inclusion or impact reporting.

Our B Corp templates are:

The starting point for improved performance
Designed to meet the B Impact Assessment criteria
Our B Corp templates are a starting point. Just having in place a policy or measuring your environmental footprint doesn’t mean you’re making an impact. So our advice would be to use the templates to guide you on your way to improved social or environmental performance. Per template we give practical tips on how to use the template for improving your impact and embedding the policy in your company.
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Impact consultant & Business development
Koen knows all about sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. His focus is on combining creativity and innovation to achieve the biggest possible sustainable impact. Koen is excited to meet you and discuss with you how B Corp can contribute to your company.