We are an impact agency focused on sustainability strategy

At Rainbow Collection we think impact first. We develop sustainability strategies and grow meaningful brands that make business and the world thrive. We support businesses to use their resources, skills and expertise to address the world’s challenges – and doing so profitably. That’s how we invest in the new economy and make impact happen.

We think
IMPACT first

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Think Impact first

We know every organization has the potential to create positive impact, while building and growing profitable business. It’s our job to help you unlock this potential and see where your impact sweet spot lies. Are you ready to think Impact First?
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The world is changing fast and we can’t wait to show you the opportunities that come along with this. Now is the time to build a regenerative, circular and inclusive economy. This requires a different mindset in which innovations, new business models and sustainable solutions lie at the foundation.

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Our Services

We help you focus on those sustainability areas where you can make most impact. Impact does not (only) mean compensating your footprint. It’s about the value your brand can add to the world. We help you identify these sustainability areas and develop a clear roadmap to achieve your mission and grow into a strong impact brand.
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