B Better

B Better has been developed to help your company improve your impact performance in year 2, and as a result, of course, an improved B Impact Assessment score!

The B Better recertification in 4 steps:

Setting the target
We look back at the first two years as B Corp™, the current score and set the goals for recertification.
Being better
Designing and executing the projects with which you will improve the impact of your company.
B Impact Assessment
Completing the assessment is in your own hands. We do a final check on the assessment before you hand it in and see if there are any quick wins to be achieved before you start the recertification process.
Get Ready for Review
Prior to the review call with B Lab, we do an extensive preparation session.
For whom
Every three years a new assessment conducted by a certified B Corp. And that's a good thing.
This way your certificate continues to meet the highest requirements and the latest developments. This is also a good time to show that you have grown as a B corp, with a higher score of course!
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Sustainability Expert & B Leader
As expert in sustainability and B Leader, Lana’s drive is to coach and facilitate your business towards impact. Lana supports companies with (supply chain) insights, research and strategic yet practical steps towards real impact, with a human and market centered approach.