Karma Kebab – Professionalizing through B Corp

About the project


Karma Kebab produces the tastiest Kebab, completely cruelty and harm-free. The product is sustainable in itself and is future-proof. We think they deserve a lot of good karma for that! However, they wanted to know how they were doing on all other environmental and social aspects.


Becoming B Corp helped this organization get a good foundation with other aspects of their business operations too, such as supply chain responsibility and DE&I. As part of our B Corp coaching trajectory, we defined their Impact Business Model. We also developed a product passport that makes Karma Kebab’s positive impact measurable. Now they can compare the impact of their kebab with regular kebabs, which are for example made from chicken or lamb.

Karma Kebab really focused on professionalizing the organization, and not necessarily on propagating B Corp. They don’t even communicate it anywhere! But now you know.