Dille & Kamille – The power of connection

About the project

Dille & Kamille believes in the power of connection and is driven by natural simplicity. They want to be a “guide”: helping people to be more connected with themselves, each other and with nature. Inspiring people to live more in the here and now, and enjoy the beauty of every day.

Dille & Kamille wants to take good care of all people and resources that enable them to create nature-inspired products. This requires a set of clear principles that guide the company in daily decisions and working towards a company and assortment that exists in harmony with nature: from material inputs to sourcing regions and their own retail stores.

We defined how to live by the promise of harmony, and connected it to concrete goals to move towards a world in harmony step by step. Based on the conviction that harmony makes the world more beautiful, Dille & Kamille wants to inspire as many people as possible to live consciously and in harmony with each other and nature as well.

In the end, sustainability isn’t rocket science. The real solution is in the more complex challenge of changing human behaviour.