DEPT – Get the whole company on board (B Corp)

About the project

What better way to show that you are being the best for the world, than becoming B Corp certified? DEPT asked us to support them on their impact journey while keeping in mind the most rigorous sustainability framework in the world. And, to help them make sure all Deptsters from more than 20 countries understand what impact means to DEPT and what they can do to contribute.

Within the B Corp assessment, there are two types of questions: the ones that concern operational, day-to-day matters, and the ones that inquire the impact a company makes with its actual products and services. It was the latter that we focussed on most within the project. To get the whole company on board we built a worldwide B Team and we trained Depsters with the Climate Hero training. In addition to this, we co-created their impact strategy, wrote their impact report and guided them toward B Corp certification.

After all the hard work, we had the honour to welcome DEPT to the B Corp community. DEPT now has a proven impact strategy, an impact manager has been hired and all Depsters are supporting their impact mission.