Lazy Vegan – Being lazy has never been so tasty

About the project

Lazy Vegan has the complete package to transform the food market with its plant-based, super easy frozen meals. The whole world should know about this brand; that’s exactly where Rainbow came into place. In several co-creative sessions, we helped Lazy Vegan to create focus and a strategic plan for their communication goals. Lazy Vegan is a creative brand that has endless stories to tell about its meals. We supported them to focus solely on those topics and stories that truly resonate with their (desired) target audience.

In several co-creative sessions, we guided the team towards a more focused and strategic communication plan. Based on our Me, My World, Our World model we mapped out their brand values, core qualities and (sustainable) consumer profiles.

As a result, Lazy Vegan has formulated a clear impact mission and vision, based on its unique sweet spot. This will help the brand guide all their marketing and communication challenges for the coming years. They are now able to take over the world!

Lazy Vegan is the laziest way to eat plant-based and delicious meals in your everyday life.