De Roos Advocaten – Pioneering legal sustainability as a B Corp

About the project


For companies producing or selling products, it was always easier to use certified products, become B Corp, or share with the world in another way that you care about the impact you have on your surroundings. However, for consultancies, law firms, and other companies that sell services rather than products, this is more difficult. De Roos Advocaten is one of these firms that is really into sustainability, and they want to share this with the world! 


We managed – through the B Corp Coaching process – to make their impact measurable. They formalized many processes, such as the translation of their policy documents. Through their financial regulatory practices, they now coach and support innovative fintechs, structure investing funds with a climate- and sustainability focus, and they advise crypto- and blockchain parties about new rules and regulations (#RoadToMiCA). De Roos Advocaten successfully became a B Corp!