Kromkommer: quality beyond looks

The food you buy at the grocery store, always looks picture perfect. Bright colors and equal shapes. But freshness and quality aren’t defined by these standards, and what grows in the earth, isn’t supposed to be judged on its looks. With a rapidly growing world population, 1 billion starving people and many sustainability questions, it’s unbearable that fruits and vegetables are wasted for no reason. Kromkommer was brought to life to prevent food waste caused by overproduction or looks. They started focusing on the so-called “Gekke Groente” (Wonky Veggies). Kromkommer can be called a brand with a mission: to improve the world.

Bringing the story to life

It is Kromkommer’s mission to prevent fruits and vegetables from being wasted because of their looks or overproduction. On estimate, this represents 10% of total production. To achieve this, Kromkommer wants to tell the story of what they call “Gekke Groente”. With this, they want to change the quality perception in the whole food chain: by showing that these vegetables are of good quality, tasty and more fun than their ‘perfect brothers and sisters’. The story gets told in different ways: with creative campaigns, a pop-up store or the “Almost-Being-Waste Party”. Also, they do this with their own product line of soups, made out of wonky vegetables. With the soups they tell the story to people and show the value of these vegetables by building a business case around it.

With all our activities, we want to inspire others to do the same thing. This way we want to cause impact and real change in the food chain.
Create the biggest impact

Kromkommer isn’t supposed to be just a regular brand. The soups they produce are meant to tell the story. They don’t want to be the largest soup brand, but they want to create the biggest impact. Therefore, the production of soup is no goal by itself, but a means to spread the word and create awareness. Ideally, they don’t exist anymore in a couple of years, simply because growers don’t have to waste their produce anymore. But they are not there yet. Therefore, more people should hear the story they are telling. The next step is to also serve the soups in the catering and food service sector. Also, the organization is working on getting the fresh produce itself on the shelves.

Ideally we don’t exist anymore in a couple of years. But we are not there yet.
More than a brand

Kromkommer is a brand, but also much more than that. It is a movement that wants to cause real change. Telling the story or exposing the product are one way of doing that. As a brand, Kromkommer believes she can close the gap in quality perception of consumers. Retailers are hesitating to sell ‘Wonky’ produce, because the consumer doesn’t see the good quality, beyond the looks, and doesn’t know much about it. By telling the stories of these products, it will get easier to sell these products.

Selling products and economic growth is not our goal. Solving a problem is.

In this sense, Kromkommer is different from other, classic brands. Also, they stand out in their approach. The whole community (the so-called Krommunity) gets involved becuse they believe problems get solved together.

Kromkommer is fully convinced to make a change in the world and we believe brands can! We will follow them on their mission. Who knows what change their impact triggers. Are you a meaningful brand too and convinced to make a positive impact in this world? At Rainbow Collection we can help you discover your potential. With the right tools and the right people, we can make a positive contribution together, whether you’re an explorer, discovering innovative solutions, or a world improver, created to make a change. Check out our Instagram for more impact creators!