10DAYS – Timeless design

About the project

10DAYS is a Dutch fashion brand that was founded in 2007 by two free-spirited women. Sustainability is in the core of the brand as their main focus is timelessness. They create beautiful, timeless collections from high quality materials. Empowering women with their comfortable style. In 2020, 10DAYS was ready to take the next step; they asked us to formulate a sustainability strategy that would strengthen the brand and to create a roadmap to reach their sustainability ambitions.

At their inspiring headquarters in Amsterdam-Noord, we started with a series of interviews to help us understand their vision on the future. Co-creation sessions lead us to an Impact Matrix, a sustainability strategy and 4 sustainability programs. 10DAYS is now ready for the implementation, making their sustainability ambitions a reality.

Translating their timeless approach into a sustainability strategy