TrendWatcher of the Year Awards 2015/2016

Rainbow Collection and trend experts from around the world are working together to build the bridge between future visions and future proof business.

Innovation and change are the buzz words of our times, but how can we make sure that it all contributes to a sustainable world?

‘We believe that long term visions are needed to create a sustainable world. Trendwatchers, forecasters and futurists can give us the input we need to create these visions.’

On 30 October 2015, during the TrendWatcher of the Year (TWOTY) Awards, we will give the stage to a selection of innovative companies that will share their story on how they use future visions to become future-proof. The TWOTY Awards will be held for the 7th time this year. Former winners are: Reinier Evers, Adjiedj Bakas and Carl Rohde. The TWOTY Awards will be hosted during the Accenture Innovation Awards in DeFabrique in Utrecht.

Want to join the show?

There are only a few tickets available for the Award show, but we will give away 2-4 tickets in the next weeks. Let us know how you think future visions can contribute to sustainable business and  maybe you can join us on October 30th!

For information on the nominees and jury members go to: