2020 – It’s going to be a good year!

2020 – It’s going to be a good year!

For 2020 we see some of the most promising developments in years.

At Rainbow Collection we filled the year with exciting steps towards a more sustainable world. It took a few years the world is ready for sustainability! Finally the understanding is here that sustainability is an absolute must for every brand and organisation to adapt to and preferably even lead in the new economy. An economy driven by a society with different expectations towards the way you do business.

This also brings opportunities to the table. Opportunities to innovate and to create new concepts and business strategies.

The past year, eight out of ten organisations we worked for were B2C brands with an international supply chain, mostly fashion or food. Great examples are Bocca, Nine & Co, Stationery Team and Marlies Dekkers. Brands that have questions about their sustainability strategy, social compliance or about how to translate sustainability to their brand. In 2020 we’ll be seeing an increasingly amount of such brands. Brands who understand that sustainability is all about the final environmental or social impact that is made. Marketing departments are challenged to look beyond purpose. The post-purpose era is here: brands, must walk their talk. E-commerce becomes re-commerce to support the growing trend towards reuse. And this is just the beginning, because world’s largest media and advertising agencies are knocking on our doors: the creative sector is ready for change!

We can’t wait for 2020 to start!

The year that we will celebrate our 10th anniversary! And 10 years of non-stop sustainable impact creation! We can’t wait to support our brother and sister agencies and brands in 2020 with defining, shaping and maximising their role in the impact economy. Our first new years resolution is to keep you fully aligned in the sustainable business revolution by sharing our favourite Impact Reads in our monthly newsletter. 

Together we can change the world!  

Ready to join the sustainable business revolution?

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