Disrupt the food system: #4 best practices

Disrupt the food system: #4 best practices

The government agreement is supposed to be the “greenest agreement ever”. It’s clear that we cannot neglect the topics that’ll shape our future world any longer. Sustainability should be leading. But what about the ambition to make our food system future-proof? Can we rely on our political leaders?

In short: we need more. We need the new kids on the block, the fresh food minds, innovative start-ups & business models to be able to make a change. The agro food sector is of major importance in our country, but has an immense impact on our climate, environment, soil and water at the same time. An impact that outflows and isn’t just influencing The Netherlands.

So how are we supposed to start the transition to a sustainable food system? We should do it together: consumers monitoring and changing their ingrained buying patterns, businesses reviewing their business models and offering new food concepts, government setting stricter rules and be leading directors or auditors.

All parties should take their responsibilities. But there’s a world to win for businesses too! Are you a business and food and willing to be part of a more sustainable movement? Explore the potential your brand & business has…

These brands preceded you

In the last months, we introduced you to our Positive Impact Creators in food & fashion. We’d like to guide you through a brief lookback on our impact creators in food. What can we learn from them?

1) Tap into the potential of local products

Sometimes it’s easy to make a simple calculation. And that’s exactly what impact creator BOON did. The brand took a serious look at two things. First, the need to monitor our own footprint and consumption (we already see a rise in vegetarian friends). Second, the questions: what can our local farmers offer us? What’s the potential of our own soil?

Because of the well-known impact of meat production, our proteins should increasingly emanate from vegetative sources. That’s how we can create impact with our daily diet. BOON is tapping into the potential of Dutch beans: easy, healthy and fresh. Their falafel even made it to the finals of the Vegan Awards! Read their impact story here.

2) Disrupt your value chain

The coffee creators at Moyee want you to review the concept of ‘fair’, because what IS a fair price when there’s no value added yet? The brand is offering farmers and entrepreneurs in their coffee chain a fair opportunity by launching the concept of FairChain. With this initiative, all added value isn’t removed from the producing countries, but shared with local economies. Read more about their sustainable impact here.

3) Make organic the norm

After the disclosure of this year’s Trouw Duurzame 100, Eosta turned out to be the #1 rank. Eosta is sharing the need for organic food and a true price system. Why? Because organic food isn’t too expensive, but “regular” pricing is too cheap. This refers to the indirect impact regular food production has on our climate, water, soil and biodiversity.

Impact creator Farm Brothers agrees with this statement. This food start-up is aiming for organic as new norm. The founders want to make organic agriculture a growing niche and are convinced of its potential. The brand wants to increase consumer awareness and wants to grow availability: starting with its own production. Read more about the positive impact plans of Farm Brothers.

4) Cut down waste streams

Besides all potential improvements in the food chain, our personal food consumption and buying behaviour are of endless importance too. We can make a change in the system, but how do we treat the products that arise from it? Worldwide, about 1/3 of our food, ends up in the trash bin. Positive impact creator Thuisafgehaald is turning potential food waste into sustainable impact and social support, by creating a platform where people can share their meals, cooking skills and left-overs. Learn more about the approach and impact of this social brand.

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