Let’s be the crazy ones: building social brands and sustainable business

What do you need…

..if you want to improve your primary way of doing business and building brands? Or if you want to bring it to the next level or come up with a new brand campaign, product or service?  Yes, you can dive into the analytics of your company. Yes, you can run over all your business processes and start optimizing every single part of them. But all these measurements are still improvements of existing processes or products. Like a chair with improved cushion, but it still remains the same chair. In order to go beyond the existing and really innovate, there’s one crucial element missing. A-ha! The C-word: Creativity.

Creativity is about letting go of the existing and start looking beyond all that is familiar to you.
To come up with something completely new, you have to use your imagination and reach out to the impossible. Reach out to that what would seem absurd and crazy in the first place, but is actually the start of something brilliant and brand new. Looking at the biggest innovations over the past decades, they wouldn’t have been done if it wasn’t because some people decided to think different.

To quote Steve Jobs, ‘here’s to the crazy ones – the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world’.

Creating a new world

Looking at the major challenges that governments and companies struggle with today, it’s fair to say that these are perfect examples of systems and processes that got stuck and that became rusty over the years. We live in times where some of our fundamental principles in society need to be reconsidered in order to meet the needs of future generations. We believe that social brands and sustainable business ask for creativity and that creativity is the key to really rethink, redesign, and finally rebuild global systems and our ways of doing.

Everyone is a creative

We think this is not something just for the crazy ones. We all have a creative person within ourselves. It sometimes just needs to be released. Be confident about your own ideas and start feeling like a kid again. You’ll surprise yourself with what you come up with!

As future-proof business creators, we want everybody to become part of our new world, which we want to create together.

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Let’s be the crazy ones!