Talking about sustainable innovation: There’s a whole new world out there!

Generally speaking, we have two types of people in this world. One that believes the glass is half full and one that sees the glass as half empty. At least, that’s one way of looking at mankind. 

This old ‘philosophical’ question about the way people perceive the world and things around them, comes up again and again when talking about sustainability, the challenges our world today and how we want to tackle these challenges. More specifically, with what mentality do we want to confront them. As ‘half full glass-person’ or ‘half empty glass-person’?

Oasis of opportunities for sustainable innovation

The question relates to what is called the scarcity vs abundance mindset. Does one perceive the present world and it’s resources as scarce, by which there isn’t enough for everybody and eventually just one person will win? Just because he or she is the toughest or smartest in accessing the desired resources. Or do you see a world of plenty and enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie? Like Gandhi said, ‘the Earth has enough for everyone’s needs’.

From an economic perspective, the scarcity-mindset refers to a constant strive to fulfill in needs and do that quickly before your competitors take-in your position. That what is scarce is valuable and will lead to competitive advantage. People with an abundant mindset think more collectively and believe the world lies full of opportunities, as long as we work together in a smart way. In this way we create value for everyone part of it.

The same thing can be said in terms of confronting the challenges that we face in the 21st century. Seeing it from a perspective of opportunities, then this is a chance to be innovative, design new ways of doing business, setup new collaborations and use of other resources. This modern view on business is the mentality we need, rather than projecting the same business models which have been ruling the world over the last century. That would be like entering the battlefield with swords, whilst the enemy is using guns.

There’s a whole new world out there

At Rainbow Collection we strongly believe abundant times lie ahead of us. It just demands a different way of playing ball. These times ask for sustainable innovation, new creative and smart solutions and different types of relationships between companies, consumers and stakeholders. Companies can grow personally by banding and collaborating with others. Together, we can do more than alone. Than you’ll start to see what future-proof business is all about.

It’s about rethinking our current ways of doing, seeing new perspectives and embracing a new fertile world of opportunities. It’s time to be positive and step up as half full glass-men and women. A whole new world ahead of us!