Sustainable business: 5 Years of Impact

Sustainable Business:
How 5 years of business can build a better world?

Exactly five years ago we launched our very first project with one single mission in mind: supporting companies to be the best in the world and for the world. As business-minded thinkers, we see businesses as the architects of a better future, fostering the transition to a sustainable economy.

Five years, and many projects later, we dare to state that sustainable business is successful: it’s just the best way to establish a long-term leading position in the market. This makes sustainability one of the fastest growing and most important management themes of the 21st century. 

We are very proud to have supported more than 150 organizations all over the world to become future-proof. With the impact-infographic below we hope to inspire you to grow and innovate whilst building a better world.

Let’s create many more years of impact together!

Dieuwertje Damen

RAINBOW INFOGRAPHIC - 5 years of impact
5 years of positive impact creation

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