Marie-Stella-Maris is putting purpose at work

Marie-Stella-Maris puts purpose at the heart of her products. The brand acknowledges the problem of water scarcity, affecting a great deal of poor and underprivileged communities. Sustainable Development Goal #6 raises this issue, and aims working on sustainable water (management) and sanitation for everyone. Marie-Stella-Maris agrees with the UNs initiation to make this a priority. The Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand is making a positive contribution to today’s world with her natural care products and mineral water. With these products, the brand is supporting water projects in a direct sense and is contributing to SDG #6. We get inspired by purposeful brands that aim to make a change! Let’s talk about their sustainable contribution and impact.

 Sustainable basic need

Everyone on this planet should have access to a source of clean drinking water. Just like we have, here in Europe. Because this is one of the most important basic human needs, Marie-Stella-Maris wanted to contribute to this matter. The brand is offering natural care products and natural mineral water by means of which they are contributing to this. And in taking their mission very seriously, they are very dedicated in supporting their projects.

For each product sold, a fixed amount of money is donated to clean drinking water projects worldwide. The water projects that Marie-Stella-Maris (financially) supports, are carefully selected by their foundation. The foundation selects those projects that focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH services). Besides that, the brand aims to raise awareness on drinking water issues by sharing stories and experiences from the communities behind the projects they support.

By sharing stories and experiences from the communities behind the projects, we aim to raise awareness on this issue.
Aiming to create positive impact

In aiming to create impact with their activities, the brand is mainly focused on making a social contribution. Therefore, they are supporting the projects in a transparent way. That is why they support the selected projects in a financial way, regardless of their own profits or revenues.

It is not and it must not be about putting profit first and then aiming for a social contribution.

According to Marie-Stella-Maris it is not and it must not be about putting profit first and then aiming for a social contribution. It’s about trying to support the ones who really need it from the heart and from the first day on. The support gets expressed in every single product of Marie-Stella-Maris and that’s what aspires them.

Expressing their aspiration

To create awareness for the positive impact they aim to create, Marie-Stella-Maris is working together with art photographers to show their positive (social) impact in a different way. Beautiful images get created this way, that tell the story of the brand. With such exposure, they give their pursuits a twist and communicate what they’re doing in a more creative way.

Marie-Stella-Maris is inspired by the UN Resolution. They recognize access to clean (drinking) water and sanitation as a basic human right for everyone in this world. And therefore, contributing to the realization of worldwide access to clean drinking water is in their DNA. From the heart of the brand they wanted to develop an organization in which there was a straight link to this thinking and this matter. Not pursuing a profit in the first place and start donating after, but contributing directly.

It is just insane that there are still so many people in this world that don’t have access to one of the most important, basic human needs.

Since the introduction of the brand Marie-Stella-Maris in 2011, they have been able to support 8 projects, providing over 17,000 people with access to clean and safe drinking water. This is an encouraging specification of the positive impact that they created so far. A good motivation for the brand to carry this on! Both now and in the future, Marie-Stella-Maris wants to inspire others to live a conscious life, in which people love to share and give back.

At Rainbow Collection we support this way of thinking. In creating a better tomorrow, everyone should pursue the impact he or she can create. Brands can make a change too and many of them just go for it. Whether you’re a world-improver at heart or an organization, aiming for innovative solutions: we can help you in achieving your goal. Join the positive impact revolution and together we will make a change! Like our Facebook page or follow our Instagram to keep track of our positive impact creators.