Senfal – Dreaming of a world without fossil fuel

Renewable energy is posed to be the next big thing within the energy supply sector. The many benefits of green energy are already creating a positive image with a majority of people. Still, factors such as high prices and problems with energy storage may outweigh the benefits of renewables and hinder a scale up. How can technological developments make the transition to green energy more appealing? If it doesn’t happen now, we might run out of oil, gas and coals, while the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt.

Building on green potential

The Amsterdam based startup Senfal is dreaming of a world in which fossil fuels are history. In pursuing this dream, Senfal outgrew her original startup base (Utrecht Inc.) right after moving in. The ambition is to make the world a better place, by building on the transition to green energy and eliminating fossil fuels. However, their approach is innovative; Smart software and supply driven demand are creating a big potential for this positive impact creator.

Senfal is on fire in the persuit of her mission. The company is making green energy more appealing than ever with their smart technology. The smart – supply-driven – software that Senfal creates, is offering a solution to a growing problem. A world in which all energy is derived from wind turbines and solar panels is the ultimate goal.

A smart combination

In developing a profitable algorithm for energy storage, they stumbled upon a new solution combining the best of two worlds: algorithms that control energy supply and demand on the one hand and stabilize the energy grid on the other. Wholesale energy prices are made accessible for consumers, so that they can purchase on the cheapest green moments.

Senfal’s goal is to create a clean world. Our current methods for producing energy are old fashioned and dirty. The future is renewable.

In combining the best of both worlds in an intelligent way, Senfal can be called a positive impact creator. Thinking ahead and keeping track of innovative solutions are Senfal’s main focus areas. In marketing their unique services, the company mainly focuses on the software product right now. By convincing companies with energy assets, they’ll bring their product under the positive attention of many. With their solution, all energy consuming or energy producing assets can be optimized. Thereby creating new ways for ensuring a balance between supply and demand, creating savings on energy bills and enabling the energy transition.

Facilitating a sustainable decision

Where many impact brands focus on the story their impact tells, Senfal mainly focuses on the pathway of the product in this stage. At Rainbow Collection, we noticed the positive impact they create in facilitating consumers to make the best choice. An intelligent guiding light that aims to lead to the greenest decision. Senfal is aware of challenges within this turbulent market, despite their advantageous position. While they claim to have the most advanced software in the field, larger companies are working on this topic too. While Senfal is doing great, what does this say about the possibility to scale up? One of the aspects that enables this is to make sure they have enough resources to keep growing and to attract the right people at the right moments.

Creating an energy balance

A sustainable product and a sustainable distribution. Practically this means helping the biggest companies in their flexible energy needs, by assisting them in becoming cost efficient: and thus helping the electricity grid balance out. By balancing the electricity grid, Senfal is getting closer to achieving their mission.

The main problem is the irregularity of supply. Regrettably you can’t control the energy production from renewable sources, for this would mean controlling the weather and orbit of the earth. The effect is that this creates a mismatch between the moments people want to use electricity and the moments there’s wind and sunlight for energy production. With smart software, you are solving this problem and taking away the barriers of green energy consumption.

Our smart software is solving one of the main issues in green energy production: the mismatch in demand and direct supply. Because we can’t control our renewable sources.

With their intelligent software development, Senfal is creating positive impact in stimulating the transition to renewable energy. In advising other starting entrepreneurs they’re stressing that the founding team is one of the most important factors: the people with whom you are aiming to create a better world!

Also, the ‘why’ of entrepreneurship should always be kept in mind, and that’s where we agree with the startup. As a sustainability agency we hear the added value of purpose in their positive impact story. This “why” creates a meaningful roadmap that impact your company’s direction. Keep track of our Facebook page or Instagram, follow all positive impact creators and get inspired!