Meet Koen… our new intern!

Meet Koen… our new intern!

Update: During his internship, Koen made himself indispensable. Rainbow Collection is growing, so we’re proud to call Koen our colleague as he joined the team as impact consultant.

As a minor student Sustainable Business Innovation, Koen knows all about sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. His focus is on making the world a healthier place, through innovative, circular and other sustainable opportunities. Let’s get to know Koen a bit better!

How was your first week?
My first week was a little different than expected since I started in the middle of a lockdown, but the team is very helpful and working from home is made as easy as it can be. I started with getting to know Rainbow: some research on the core activities, tools and reading materials of completed projects, such as T-Mobile and Dille & Kamille. Together with Dieuwertje I looked at what I think is interesting about RC’s work, and based on that we formulated an internship goal that is useful for both of us.

What attracted you to do your internship at Rainbow Collection? And what do you hope to accomplish?
Rainbow is active in various industries, which creates a wide range of impact. My main goal is to take a look at the bigger picture and figure out what I it is that I want to become an expert in. I hope to develop myself in such a way that I can work independently in the area of strategy and branding. Besides that, I want to combine creativity and sustainability, that keeps it interesting!

Which sector or brand, do you think, still has big potential to make a sustainability shift?
I think almost every sector/industry has a big potential as well as its own setbacks. The key is to let them work together efficiently, to improve innovation and technology to support sustainability. A collective like Keilewerf in Rotterdam is an example of a place where creativity meets innovation on so many different levels and sectors, which results in a clearly bigger impact.