Eveon Containers – Reusing containers is a logical act

About the project

Roughly 13-18% of newly produced shipping containers are not used for shipping, but instead are mainly used for storage purposes on land for which you can perfectly use a used container. That is why Eveon decided to only source and sell used shipping containers. But what is the best way to communicate this and how can we make sure all stakeholders understand the need to do so?

We supported Eveon by constructing an inspiring and coherent story about the change of doing business by Eveon. With the story as a base, we wrote a press release and a news post. On top of that, we developed a webpage that is dedicated to telling this story, along with an infographic that tells Eveon’s new way of working in a compelling and visual way.

“Rainbow Collection advanced the story and provided a visually appealing and clear translation of our new way of working.”