Noppies – Veerkracht

About the project

Noppies is one of the leading maternity and kids fashion brands. They want to be a fair and sustainable, but in a positive and connecting way, unique for the brand. Noppies knows like no other that motherhood can come with ups and downs. Being resilient and offering resistance to it is essential for good bonding between parents and children, which directly relates to the health and development of children.

We helped Noppies putting its experience and strengths to use, to support young women resist the sometimes high expectations of motherhood. Using the brand as a platform to connect women around the challenges of motherhood. Opening up dialogue, while offering tools and a supportive community to boost resilience among young mothers. It’s how Noppies is able to positively contribute to a world in which our future generations grow up in.

Supporting young mothers to be resilient with the sometimes high expectations of motherhood.