Tele2 – Making impact very practical

Tele2 – Making impact very practical

The core business of a telecom provider is to bring people and organizations together and facilitate communication between them. If it does not make telephones, servers or modems, what is the footprint of a telecom provider then? And how can they make a positive impact on our world? As one of the biggest players in the Dutch market, Tele2 feels great responsibility to take care of our world. But where to begin? Together with experts and key stakeholders, Tele2 identified where they can make the biggest impact…

Making impact very practical

From the start of their sustainability endeavors, Tele2 has tried to keep it very practical. The rules of their sustainability game? It should be part of their core business and integrated in their day-to-day business operations. Think about circular waste management, privacy and sustainable supply chain management. Tele2 knows that with being a large company, big impact can be made. Therefore, Tele2 has a specific focus on those sustainability themes where they can make the biggest impact: energy efficiency.

Tele2 choses to focus on that area wherein the biggest impact can be made: energy efficiency
Contributing to a low-carbon economy

On the one hand Tele2 believes that she is able to contribute to a so-called Low Carbon Economy with her products. Through digitalizing and providing alternatives for travel and transport, companies and individuals (our customers) are able to reduce their CO2 footprint. As such, the ICT industry is an important driver for a sustainable future.

On the other hand, the company realizes that the provision of telecommunication has a significant effect on the environment. 2% of the global carbon footprint comes from datacentres (similar to the airline industry). Therefore, Tele2 decided that the main spearhead of its sustainability work is establishing energy efficiency in its datacentres, offices and new mobile network.

Innovative and energy saving initiatives such as cold corridors, virtualization and analyzing airflows are part of her energy-efficiency program. By focusing on optimal energy efficiency, Tele2 saves money on the long term as well, creating the much-celebrated win-win situation of sustainability.

How does this work?

Reducing energy consumption was made a key driver in the management of our network. First, the design rules and assumptions were reconsidered: are these still valid in our rapid changing business environment? To give an example: today’s equipment is less sensitive for higher temperatures. Tele2 therefore changed the design rule on room temperature, which resulted in less cooling and power consumption.

First, reconsider the design rules and assumptions: are these still valid in the rapid changing business environment?

Secondly, Tele2 is significantly investing in lower energy consumption options and alternatives. For example, all cooling equipment is currently being renewed in all the data centers. That is how they totally reduced 20% on their usage.

Never stop renewing yourself

This focus on energy-efficiency is something of all times, the telecom provider is telling us. That’s how they continue their increasing efficiency, year on year. They invest in the newest (and proven) technologies, remove overcapacity and renew design rules. This enabled them to reduce their energy consumption by an equivalent of 500 Dutch households. In 2016, they brought this up to 750 in total and they aim to save the energy consumption of 800 households next year.

We are proud that large reductions are made and quality of service has increased!

This continuous search for the best choices you can make, is rewarding too. It’s a challenge to keep renewing and keep looking for relevant innovations day in, day out – but it’s of great value. Not only for your own company, but for all parties and stakeholders you’re working with. If you start recognizing and identifying where you can make the biggest impact, as a brand or as a company, you are heading into the right direction and making meaningful steps.

Tele2 is recognizing that cost effectiveness, innovation and making positive impact can go hand in hand. Social or environmental initiatives will be implemented easier within your organization if you bring these factors together. Put energy into these project, and these projects will give energy to you!

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