Game-changer of the new economy

Game-changer of the new economy
Interview with Chief Marketing Officer Nora Kayser

Going beyond familiar patterns can generate new insights and offer fresh ideas to existing problems. That’s where frontrunners should jump in with disruptive ideas. SnappCar is one of the frontrunners in the sharing economy and converts challenges into something positive to create economic, social and sustainable value. What is their innovative business model and how does this benefit society in multiple ways? Chief marketing officer Nora Kayser explains how SnappCar is changing the game:

SnappCar is boosting the sharing economy, by connecting local people for on-demand car-sharing. Sharing is very rewarding and it’s a relatively simple way to contribute to a more sustainable environment, get to know more people in your city and save money at the same time. When consumers try it once, they’ll find themselves quicker involved in the sharing economy than they could have imagined before. This way, owning a car seems rather meaningless and that is something we want to jump into with our brand. Especially because sharing is here to stay: the internet makes it easier and improves large-scale accessibility.

To our opinion, the services we offer are not self-contained – there’s a growing amount of initiatives that are based on sharing or becoming an integral part of specific services. We, and other parties, are looking for more opportunities to increase sustainable solutions for cities and city-centers. The sharing economy can and will take the lead in the further development of such plans. Both commercial and public parties are working on this right now. This enables larger-scale economic, social and sustainable impact! The most important and impactful value SnappCar lives up to in operating her business, is taking care of and paying attention to the community, to build mutual trust. This value became an indispensable part of our business.

Five years ago, everybody though that SnappCar was crazy to suggest that people would share their cars. Nowadays, as a company we are significantly contributing to people’s opinion about their belongings, such as cars. Sharing your car has become a priority a for our community members: it gives them an opportunity to create a more sustainable and social environment while saving money. Even though exact expectations are hard to give shape in this rapid-changing field: car-sharing is an important step towards flexible and sustainable mobility. Research also shows that once people start using SnappCar, they also become more open and actively engaged in other sharing initiatives. From the point of view that sharing strengthens social cohesion in cities, this will contribute to safety as well. It’s incredible to see that some benefits can re-inforce other benefits too: this enables us to maximize the positive impact we create together.

With SnappCar, we want to create a better and more sustainable environment in Europe. This can be a realistic endeavor if we are able to actually change the game, by promoting and facilitating car sharing. The most important thing is that you focus: set clear and appealing goals, make sure you create an incredible team with smart, driven and complementary people, committed to making a difference together. The positive impact of this will be expressed in more city space, less CO2-emission, more cost savings and social contacts and contributes to our endeavor to drive cities forward!

In the coming years we fully focus on reaching our main goal: 2.5 million less cars in Europe. To achieve this, we continuously set ourselves sub-goals. This keeps the spirit alive while making long-term progress. Right now, SnappCar focuses on the private lease market, on expanding and activating the community and spreading our wings by exploring opportunities in other countries. While working hard on fulfilling your mission, you should accept failures, learn from them and don’t forget to celebrate successes along the way. Sometimes, I even need to remind myself to do that!