The growth story of the next decade

The growth story of the next decade

A lot is being said about the COVID-19 crisis. Threats might arise from nature, but the real damage might be a result of our interaction with these threats. The world is our resource, but in the current, global economy we do not manage it sustainably. What can we learn from the current pandemic? It must be clear that the regenerative and new economy is the big growth story of the next decade. Read why this is the only business reality

A summary: 5 insights from a business perspective. 

1 – We disrupt the earth and the ball bounces back

As a result of our global and material economy, we invade forests, cut down trees and disrupt ecosystems. We shake the world upside down, and shake viruses loose from their natural hosts. There’s a direct relation between what we do to our planet, and what we cause with it.

2- The crisis reflects a broader trend 

Globalization has brought many benefits, but its drive for growth has accelerated human interfering activities, leaving a significant impact on our world. The pandemic mirrors how our economic system is designed and the consequences of the unsustainable treatment of our world. 

3 – We are too dependent of complex and vulnerable supply chains

Our economy thrives on international and complex supply chains, based on pressurized margins, low-priced manufacturing, intensive cultivation etc. Now, it’s exposed how dependent we became of these networks that are inextricably part of our global economy (as enabler of the crisis in the first place). 

4 – We are all (potential) contaminators, and part of the solution

As we see with the rapid contamination of COVID-19: we are all indispensable links to fight the problem. This is exactly the same for the longer-term crises that are awaiting, like climate change. By turning the tide towards a new and sustainable economy, we can create “group immunity” for the earth. 

5 – Momentum to unleash economic transformation is now

The forced economic rest fuels responsibility and empathy. Businesses (re)turn to the core of their being. Together with this change in mindsets, we should invest the financial boost – to keep the economy going – sustainably. Solutions for the climate crisis also work for the economic crisis.

Read more about the challenge we are awaiting and how we can use unlimited inventiveness, support, collaboration, creativity and sustainable opportunities. Together we can make it happen: making the regenerative and new economy the big growth story of the next decade.